About Bradley C. Gerlach

Bradley C. Gerlach is a graduate of Northern Illinois University where he was on the Dean’s List and received an award for academic excellence. He graduated from the John Marshall Law School.

As a felony prosecutor for many years he received an award from the International Association of Arson Investigators for assistance in the prosecution of a double homicide jury trial. This was a death penalty case with two defendants involving an arson committed to cover up the murders. It was a very complex case involving medical, engineering, and arson issues.

He has been in numerous jury trials and trials before a judge. He developed a theme and theory of each case making it easier for jurors to understand complex evidence. He evaluated the strength and weakness of each case and weighed the totality of possible outcomes. He has attended autopsies, evaluated police reports, scrutinized forensic reports, and visited many crime scenes. He has supervised investigations, initiated and coordinated resolutions in drug cases, weapons cases, theft cases, business crimes, and sexual assault cases. He has drafted legal briefs, criminal charges, motions, and search warrants. He has acquired knowledge in forensic evidence and blood spatter. He has learned the effects of alcohol on the human body in drunk driving cases.

In the area of family law he has been employed as an Assistant Public Guardian representing abused and neglected children. He has had extensive experience in negotiating child related issues, child custody, visitation, termination of parental rights, child support, and property division.

In advocating on behalf of the disabled he has been appointed by judges to serve as Guardian ad Litem. He has extensive experience in direct examination and cross-examination of doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. He has a background in evaluating medical, psychiatric, and psychological reports.